Internet marketing with results

Alexel is a specialist internet marketing company. Our portfolio includes over 200 brands and we have a track record of producing email campaigns that reach over 100, 000 new consumers. Boost your internet sales, choose Alexel media for your next advertising campaign.

Want more web traffic?

Let Alexel show you how to drive more visitors to your website and give you the power to leave your competition standing. Alexel can promise new visitors, customers, registrations and leads; so what are you waiting for? Let Alexel improve the way you do business on the web.

We have worked extensively within the gaming & entertainment industry and more recently we have customers in travel, finance, building and health sectors.

We send our newsletters to over 100 000 consumers, so there are a huge range of potential clients for your needs.

The Alexel Affect

  • Alexel delivered 500 active players in 2 days to a listed swedish company that offers gaming services.
  • In one instance, customers that Alexel delivered generated more than 200 000 euro in gross monthly revenue for our partner.
  • Alexel reach thousands of clients in many different fields and are always looking for new offers.
Contact information

Matti Pekkanen
+358 40 178 6522